Commercial Property: Tenant’s Breach of Lease – Part 1

Where a tenant is in breach of a covenant, a landlord may take steps to terminate the lease, referred to as forfeiture. Forfeiture does not automatically happen upon the tenant’s breach, but rather the landlord must take active steps to forfeit the lease. A well-drafted commercial leases will contain a clause which allows the landlord […]

Franchisees- Key franchise agreement terms to be aware of – Pinney Talfourd

Franchisees – Key franchise agreement terms to be aware of. Amy Leite is a solicitor at Pinney Talfourd Solicitors in Essex. She has specialised in franchise law for many years and shares her expert legal knowledge with those looking into buying a franchise. There are key franchise agreement terms you should look out for in […]

Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act – Pinney Talfourd

SMALL BUSINESS, ENTERPRISE AND EMPLOYMENT ACT 2015 No more annual returns, simplified statements of capital… what’s new in the world of company law for June 2016? The latest provisions from the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 came into effect on 30 June 2016. The Act is designed to improve transparency around company ownership […]

Gestalt Therapy

We use elements of Gestalt therapy, alongside NLP, in all of our training. Experiential learning is a key part of our training, which engages participants in drawing on real life experiences in order to learn.  The interactive nature of our workshops helps to inspire people to get excited and empower them take ownership of their learning in order […]

We live in an age of information.

We live in an age of information – if you want to know virtually anything the internet will provide. If I want to understand more about Shakespearean London or Marilyn Monroe or the new Austrian president I can. If I want to learn what’s going wrong with my boiler they’ll be a Youtube video which […]

Ten Tips to Grow Your Business

A preoccupation with turnover can hold back sustainable, profitable growth. Key to turning a small business into a profitable and growing medium-sized venture is letting your leadership style evolve. In most businesses, the business owner is a valuable lynch-pin. But they can also be causing a bottleneck that is stopping it from growing profitably. So, […]

Automatic Enrolment is under constant and consistent review.

As you’d expect for a piece of legislation which impacts every single employer and employee in the UK… Automatic Enrolment is under constant and consistent review. There’s been plenty of work being done, by the pension regulator, the DWP and key players in the marketplace, to help ensure automatic enrolment is a success. This includes […]