Havering Chamber of Commerce (HCCI) Data and Retention Policy - 25th May 2018

What data do we collect and hold?

We collect and store the following data from Members, applicants, and businesses that wish to subscribe to our event notifications, public notices and newsletter.

Members Only

  • Business Name
  • Contact Name
  • Membership ID If Applicable
  • Username for Website if applicable
  • Business Address
  • Contact Email
  • Telephone numbers mobile & landline
  • Profile photograph/Logo if supplied for website
  • Web address
  • Social media details If applicable for website
  • Video clip(s) for website
  • Date of application
  • Payment records
  • Marketing Statement
  • Mail Chimp Marketing


  • Contact Name
  • Email Address
  • Business Name
  • Mail Chimp Marketing

The legal basis under which it is held

We are holding your data under the legal basis of Legitimate interest, so that we can

  • Maintain your membership
  • Ensure that we have accurate membership records
  • Inform you of HCCI Events and Public Notices
  • Inform you of business notifications and offers from other members.

How long data is retained

While you are a HCCI member we will retain information necessary to maintain your membership

While you are in the application process we will retain the information necessary to process your application.

If you apply to join HCCI and fail, we will keep sufficient information to enable us to identify you if you apply again.

If you cease to be an HCCI Member we will keep sufficient information to enable us to identify you for historical queries.

Where and how data is stored

Membership data is stored on an encrypted laptop and back-up of the database is taken.

Some older data is in a filing/box in a safe environment which can only be accessed by suitably authorised members.

Who has access to the data and why?

The public can search the membership list using the website to verify membership of members. Members have the option to disable this access via contacting enquiries@hcci.org.uk

Admin Membership, Hon Treasurer, Hon Solicitor, Chair and Vice Chair and HCCI Webmaster have access to the membership database giving details of membership and payment status. This is so that they can fulfil their duties. The full list of those with access is determined and monitored by the HCCI Executive

What information is shared with third parties involved in data processing or storage?

Mailchimp as our marketing automation platform


If you take part in an event as a presenter, helper or technician for HCCI, the organiser of the event will retain your name and contact information for future events with your permission.

If you wish to make a complaint

Please contact the Data Protection Controller for HCCI if you have any concerns regarding your personal data and The Havering Chamber of Commerce at enquiries@hcci.org.uk