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The HCCI Speakers Morning for Promoting & Networking your Business

We aim to have something different every meeting from , Guest Speakers, Workshops, Specialist Advice, Business Showcases, Networking and maybe a few Surprises. So come along and learn whats going on in Havering with an opportunity for you and your business to grow connections in the local business community. This event is Free to HCCI […]


HCCI Annual General Meeting

Membership Invitees Only HCCI Annual General Meeting was last modified: February 17th, 2019 by HCCI


HCCI Executive Meeting

Invitees Only HCCI Executive Meeting was last modified: February 17th, 2019 by HCCI

 Havering Chamber of Commerce and Industry represents over 200 Businesses who employ over 2,750 people 

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What does Brexit mean for doing business in Europe ?

What does Brexit mean for doing business in Europe? Brexit is happening – the UK has decided to break free of the European Union, but what does this mean for anyone doing business with our neighbours on the Continent? The EU accounted for 44% of the UK’s exports and 53% of UK imports of goods […]


We live in an age of information.

We live in an age of information – if you want to know virtually anything the internet will provide. If I want to understand more about Shakespearean London or Marilyn Monroe or the new Austrian president I can. If I want to learn what’s going wrong with my boiler they’ll be a Youtube video which […]


Ten Tips to Grow Your Business

A preoccupation with turnover can hold back sustainable, profitable growth. Key to turning a small business into a profitable and growing medium-sized venture is letting your leadership style evolve. In most businesses, the business owner is a valuable lynch-pin. But they can also be causing a bottleneck that is stopping it from growing profitably. So, […]