Havering Business Networking Events London

London networking events – Networking is a term used to describe the activity of compatible groups coming together to recognise, create or act upon business opportunities. Many people are familiar with the term, ‘business networking’, but some are still unaware of how valuable networking for business is, especially for small and medium enterprises.

There are many different ways you can network for your business. There is online networking as well as face-to-face networking. Networking events can range from casual settings to more formal settings. Either way, business networking can be a huge advantage for your business.

Reasons to Attend Business Networking Events in London

Business networking events are a great way to meet new people with similar business interests, whether it is business goals or expertise, you are bound to come across someone who is looking for what you have to offer. Since these networking events are usually conducted to connect businesses, you should have no problem talking about your company’s services.

There are many free business networking events London buisnesses can attend, as well as paid groups, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a business networking event in London or Havering

What You Should Achieve From Attending London Networking Events


Being a good networker is something that can be learned and like any learned behaviour the more you do it the better you get at it – practice makes perfect!

Stick to the guidelines and you will quickly reap the benefits of business networking:

  • Speak to as many people as possible
  • Take their business card/contact details and be sure to follow-up with them.
  • Listen more than you talk and ask yourself – ‘How can I help this person?’
  • Never try to sell your service to a new contact at a networking event.

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