Automatic Enrolment is under constant and consistent review.

As you’d expect for a piece of legislation which impacts every single employer and employee in the UK…

Automatic Enrolment is under constant and consistent review.

There’s been plenty of work being done, by the pension regulator, the DWP and key players in the marketplace, to help ensure automatic enrolment is a success.

This includes potentially making changes in automatic enrolment rules (although at this point, no one knows what those changes are going to be and when they’re going to occur)…

However one things for sure…

It shouldn’t be surprising that automatic enrolment regulation is under constant review.

It’s important that automatic enrolment gets taken up by as many employers as possible. If this means that changes need to be made to the regulation to help employers adopt automatic enrolment this is likely to occur.

However this raises as question…

“If Automatic enrolment regulation could change…how does your typical employer keep up to date with these changes?”

Of course an employer could keep an eye on the financial press or stay in touch with the regulator to confirm whether any of these changes apply to them.

Alternatively they could use AE in a Box…

You see AE in a Box is constantly updated as regulation continues to change.

AE in a Box then takes these changes and, if required, converts them into practical actionable tasks designed to make this change as easy as possible for employers to comply with.


AE in a Box then delivers these tasks to our employers via our platform.

You see change is often painful.

Making change in your business (or your clients businesses) relating to automatic enrolment might be frustrating.

But using AE in a Box to stay up to date with automatic enrolment change as well as making sure the changes you need to make are clearly communicated might take this pain and frustration away.

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