Radio Show

Barry Hicks and Rob Keating on Online Marketing – 11th October 2016

Sarah Moss and Remi Okeshola on Business Growth – 18th October 2016

Barry Hicks and Dan Evans on Insurance – 25th October 2016

Amy Leite from Pinney Talfourds and Mac Robertson from Haines Watts on Franchising 1st November 2016

Barry Hicks & Manny from Mullis & Peake on Employment Law and HR – 8th November 2016

Chris Lainey & Paul Mason-Hughes on Apprenticeships – 15th November 2016

Barry Hicks & Manny from Mullis & Peake on Landlords and Property Issues – 22nd November 2016

Amy Leite and Edward Garston from Pinney Talfourds on Employment & Commercial Law – 29th November 2016

Barry Hicks & Rachael Fleet from F. Barnes on Inheritance Law – 17th January 2017

Barry Hicks & Councillor Roger Ramsey On Havering Council – 24th January 2017

Barry Hicks & David Belbin – Online Tax Returns – 14th Feb

Keith from Sycamore Trust and Chris Lainey from Positive Change – 21st Feb

28th Feb – Barry Hicks & Ray Calder on Branding